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Looking for 100% Sicilian products? You’re in the right place: all the delights in our gourmet shop come from Sicilian producers, and we completely trust in their passion and experience.

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We strive to select only the high quality food products that represent the excellence of the Mediterranean and Sicilian food&wine scene. We always aim at giving you the best of the best only.

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sicilian swordfish

Sicilian Swordfish recipe

This is a recipe article to prepare the Sicilian Swordfish. If you have bought swordfish here is a, a Sicilian Gourmet Shop

Since 1985, the Renda family has been running their food shop in the city center of Trapani, west of Sicily. Now in its third generation, the family is dedicated to selecting, selling and promoting the top-quality Sicilian food products, becoming a point of reference for all the foodies in the city and beyond. What’s its secret? No magic needed, only a high level of quality and a great passion for food and hospitality. Luigi Renda follows his family’s steps, making sure the values of authenticity and genuineness – that have always been characterizing the family-owned shop – remain intact on the gourmet shop online. Deli meat, cheese, wine, oil and olives, fish products, spices and preserves: step into our shop and you’ll find yourself in the paradise of the Sicilian and Italian taste. All your senses will be turned on right away!  

Read how Luigi Renda talks about the story of its family-owned shop.

We never joke about quality: our shelves host organic products, coming from Slow Food Presidia or protected by IGP, DOP and DOC certifications. Planning a trip to Sicily? Great: you can visit our shop in Trapani and see for yourself! Even better: our gourmet online shop is accessible anywhere, anytime, and brings the best Sicilian flavors directly to your home! On this website, you can choose your favorite Sicilian products with a simple click: it’s super easy for you to host a typical Mediterranean dinner or give a special present to someone… or to yourself, of course!

Luigi makes sure the e-shop only sells the most excellent products from the Sicilian everlasting, delicious food tradition. Among the Slow Food Presidia are the sea salt from Trapani, the peach jam from Leonforte or the apricot jam from Scillato, the lentil from Ustica, the red garlic from Nubia, the caper from Salina or the black-bee honey. Our DOP and IGP products are what the gourmands from all over the world go crazy for: the green pistachio from Bronte DOP, the caper from Pantelleria IGP and some of the best cheeses from Italy, like the Ragusano cheese and the Sicilian pecorino cheese. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to pair these amazing Sicilian products with an excellent glass of wine, that’s why you’ll find the best DOC labels from Sicily in our gourmet e-shop: Passito from Pantelleria, Marsala superiore, Nerello mascalese, and many others. Our e-shop stocks products from the best and most appreciated Sicilian food brands: Donnafugata, Firriato, De Bartoli, Tasca d’Almerita wineries, Damigella pasta makers or Bonajuto chocolate shop; Villa Reale Supreme for our sauces and jams, Giardini D’Amore for the liquors, Fiasconaro for panettone, Testa for the best fish-based products… 

These are only a few of the greatest food products from Sicily that you’ll look forward to explore in our gourmet shop online, which is super easy to use and will instantly whet your appetite! We constantly improve the assortment of our products: from wine and oil to fish-based products, jams and sauces, and many other food delights whose tastiness always rhymes with high-end quality. The Renda family has always been selecting the products for its shop in Trapani with extreme care; Luigi is equally careful with the gourmet online shop, aiming at giving you the best of what Sicily has to offer.

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