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Discovering Alicos

Alicos originates from the passion of a Sicilian family for the unique and unmistakable flavors of their homeland. On the island of ancient culinary traditions, passed down through generations, the most typical Sicilian specialties are embraced by Alicos to become part of a process of research and experimentation, making its production a field of cutting-edge gastronomic excellence that is constantly evolving.

Experiencing a taste signed by Alicos means embarking on a sensory journey back in time, through ancient olive groves and the intense fragrances of a “Sicily of taste” waiting to be discovered. Alicos is committed to care and well-being, embracing the principle of healthy and genuine nutrition. In a fast-paced world often indifferent to proper nutrition, Alicos selects only high-quality raw materials, where the goodness of flavors harmoniously combines with a healthy lifestyle.

The production and distribution of Alicos products boast an excellence among all: the extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Cerasuola variety, unique for its fruity aroma and intense flavor. Alongside this specialty, there is a wide range of products, from preserves, pastries and pâtés to ready-made sauces, sweet creams, jams, and marmalades. All delicacies are also available in organic and vegan variants, to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Alicos continues to spread the culture of good and high-quality flavors, where Sicily emerges with singularity at the first taste experience. Discover the range of Alicos products and let yourself be seduced by the authentic and unmistakable flavors of Sicily, crafted with passion and dedication.