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Discovering Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro is a family business founded in the 1950s in Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie in Sicily, where it still has its legal, production, and administrative headquarters. Started as a small ice cream parlour by Mario Fiasconaro, the company has grown thanks to the passion of brothers Fausto, Martino, and Nicola, becoming a symbol of Fine Sicilian Pastry internationally.

Nicola’s intuition, a talented master pastry chef, to reinterpret the panettone in a Mediterranean style has led to the company’s success, which continues to grow while remaining faithful to its roots. Fiasconaro is known worldwide for the quality of its products and its ability to preserve and innovate the best traditions of Sicilian pastry-making art.

Awarded numerous international recognitions, such as the 3 stars at the Superior Taste Award in Brussels in 2015, Fiasconaro is a reference point in high-end pastry. The company is committed to excellence in raw materials, careful artisanal processing, quality of the final product and its packaging, and efficient service.