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Discovering Marchesi di San Giuliano

The Marchesi di San Giuliano estate is located in Sicily, nestled between the cities of Catania and Siracusa. Spanning approximately 250 hectares, the estate boasts 50 hectares of citrus groves, which date back to the 1800s. Since then, citrus cultivation has been carried out using organic methods, adhering to the regulations established by the European Community.

In addition to citrus cultivation, the estate is dedicated to producing a variety of high-quality artisanal products, including biscuits, jams, and fruit in syrup. All of these products are made with organic ingredients and without the use of preservatives or artificial additives, ensuring the highest quality and authentic taste.

Marchesi di San Giuliano obtained official organic certification in 1993, although it had already begun introducing biological pest control methods in 1990, long before they became common. The estate exclusively uses organic fertilisers and releases beneficial insects to maintain the agroecosystem’s balance. Thanks to these methods, the fruit produced is healthier than that obtained with chemical treatments, as harmful insects are kept in check by beneficial species and the adopted agronomic practices.

Today, the estate is monitored and certified by Ecogruppo Italia, one of the organisations authorised to certify companies practising organic agriculture. Marchesi di San Giuliano’s sustainable and environmentally friendly approach makes the estate an excellent example of organic agriculture and the preservation of Sicilian agricultural traditions.