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Discovering Melauro

Melauro, founded in 1996 by brothers Aldo and Antonio La Ferrera, is a Sicilian company dedicated to the production, processing, and marketing of high-quality bee products. The company was born from a natural passion for beekeeping, initially as a hobby and then transformed into a professional business.

Melauro’s beehives are located far from any source of pollution, allowing bees to collect nectar from the variety of flowers present in Sicily and on the national territory, ensuring pure honey, rich in biological and nutritional qualities. The honey is extracted, filtered, and packaged in the company’s laboratories at temperatures that preserve the integrity of the enzymes present in the product.

Melauro is not just honey. The company, a leader in the beekeeping sector in the province and among the most representative at a regional and national level, also produces a variety of processed products in the confectionery and canning sector. Among the flagship products are jams, spreadable creams, pesto, paté, liquors, candies, and chocolate.

Melauro products are organic certified, free from GMOs, additives, gluten, and lactose. The company places a strong emphasis on enhancing the products of the Sicilian territory, proudly bringing the flavors of Sicily around the world.

Passion, tradition, and quality are the pillars on which the company bases its continued growth. Their motto, “Simplicity at the reach of taste“, perfectly reflects their commitment to providing authentic products that celebrate the natural flavors of Sicily. With Melauro, every taste is a journey into the heart of a land rich in flavors and traditions.