Discovering Morgante

The heart of the Morgante winery is located in the municipality of Grotte, near Agrigento, where the passion for viticulture has deep roots. Since 1994, Antonio Morgante and his sons, Carmelo and Giovanni, have begun to cultivate with dedication and rigor the symbol grape of Sicily, the Nero d’Avola. Today, their 72 hectares of vineyards extend over a terrain that alternates clay, limestone, and marl, between 350 and 550 meters above sea level.

This territory is the secret of the quality of their wines: the sea winds, the alternation of temperatures, and the heat of the sun, typical characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, perfectly combine with the peculiarities of the soil, enhancing the unique flavors of this indigenous grape.

Under the guidance of renowned oenologist Riccardo Cotarella, the winery has adopted advanced techniques and equipment, but still maintains a strong connection with tradition and respect for the environment. The commitment to sustainability is reflected in the recycling of packaging and the rational use of natural resources, confirming their dedication not only to wine but also to the land that produces it.

Morgante offers a range of wines revolving around Nero d’Avola, declined in various types and styles, from white to rosé, up to the renowned ‘Don Antonio‘ label, a Riserva that modernly celebrates the peculiarities of this grape.

Being winemakers in this land has not always been easy, but hard work and sacrifices have paid off, allowing the Morgante family to contribute to the renewal of their territory without renouncing their roots. Their success is the best testimony of constant attention to quality, from cultivation to the finished product, a commitment that is renewed every year to satisfy and delight their customers.