Discovering Saline Culcasi

For over 100 years, the Culcasi family has been producing and marketing artisanal sea salt within the picturesque Trapani and Paceco Salt Pans Nature Reserve. With roots dating back to the 1960s, our company has revitalized and enhanced damaged salt pans, turning them into a symbol of excellence and Sicilian tradition.

Our sea salt production follows a meticulous and nature-respecting method passed down through generations. The salt workers, with their wisdom and dedication, carry out six essential steps including cleaning the pans, filling them using the tides, cultivating the salt through water crystallization, harvesting, natural drying, and finally, packaging. Each stage is performed with care to ensure a high-quality product.

In addition to whole sea salt, we produce precious flavored flower of salt, using organic spices and aromas typical of Sicily. Each ingredient is hand-processed in our workshop, following local ancient traditions. These artisanal products, like flower of salt with citrus or aromatic herbs, are ideal for seasoning any dish, adding a touch of authentic Sicily.

Our salt pans are located in a charming spot, a natural habitat for pink flamingos and other species of water birds. The ponds and windmills, against the backdrop of the sea and sky, create a breathtaking landscape, especially at sunset. This unique environment contributes to making our salt a special and valuable product.

Culcasi is committed to keeping the tradition of Trapani sea salt alive, ensuring a natural and high-quality product. Our salt is recognized as a Slow Food Presidium for its purity and for being unrefined and free from added mineral salts. Each grain of salt tells a story of dedication and respect for our land.

Discover our range of whole and flavored sea salts, the result of centuries-old tradition and respect for the environment. We bring the authentic taste of Sicily into your kitchens, crafted with passion and dedication by the family of salt.