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91100 Trapani – Sicily

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Once upon a time there was a small food shop overlooking the main road of Trapani, located on the west coast of Sicily; through its door, the scent of the most amazing Sicilian food products would spread throughout the city. Founded in the ‘50s, the shop became a property of the Renda family in 1985: my grandfather Gino Renda was the first one to forge the indissoluble bond between our family’s name and the flavors of our beloved land. 

After grandpa, my parents Giovanni Renda and Rosa Crapanzano started working in the shop, and they’re still managing it with lots of care and passion. Thanks to its 30+ year experience, Renda Sicilian gourmet shop has turned into a real landmark for the Sicilian food scene in Trapani, delighting both locals and tourists with the best typical products. 

We love to offer fresh and genuine food to our clients: deli meat and cheese, wine, tuna and fish products, oil and olives, preserves and spices… Cheese is one of our prides: in 2017, we’ve been awarded as one of the best culinary shops in Sicily at the Nebrodi Cheese Festival. Our clients appreciate the quality of the food we sell, as well as the professional service and our ability to establish trustworthy relationships with those who choose our products to take their meals to the next level. 

After a 10-year experience in the web marketing industry, today I wish to give anyone the opportunity to enjoy those amazing flavors I was lucky enough to grow up with: the typical Sicilian food, which makes our island appreciated all around the globe. My name is Luigi Renda, I’m the third generation of the family behind the shop’s counter, and I want to bring the best Sicilian delights online. I choose top-quality products only: Slow Food Presidia, certified organic products coming from local producers, prestigious labels and certifications. 

Either in our small shop in Trapani or in our e-shop reaching out to all gourmands in the world, the Renda family’s goal is the same: working with care and passion, making that bond between family and food stronger and stronger. Day by day, we always work thinking of you: thanks to the excellent quality of our gourmet products, we’re sure you’ll hopelessly fall in love with the Sicilian flavors as much as we do!