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High quality olive oil

It is not an accident that we can ensure you a high quality standard olive oil, because we pay the utmost attention to all the  stages of production, from the field to the mill, up to bottling.

Renda’s is a cold pressed unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

Our desire is to preserve organoleptic characteristics and properties of the olives, such as quantities of minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing damage.

Our bio olive oil features a free acidity lower than 0.5%, that is the perfect value for a high quality EVO oil. It indicates that the entire production process has been carried out and completed the right way, from the cultivation of olives to the extraction process.

100% Sicilian olive oil

Renda extra virgin olive oil is made in PDO Trapanesi Valleys, within the so-called “Due Valli” (Two Valleys) territory, a strip of western Sicily which boasts a millenary excellence in the production of high quality oil.

Crossroads of the Mediterranean trades, the Phoenicians imported the oil to the island, but it was the Greeks who  cultivated it, aware of the perfect climatic conditions and the right geographical exposure that Sicily could offer. Furthermore, even clean air and microclimate were ideal to make olives grow there.

Our oil blends two main varieties (“cultivar” in Sicilian idiom), Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola, which make it a high quality product, a privileged outcome of Sicilian land, just a few steps from the open sea.

Organoleptic characteristics

Our extra virgin olive oil is unmistakable at sight, taste and smell. It is unfiltered, because we believe in maintaining its properties. It is dense and veiled, fully green in color with golden reflections.

On the nose our oil is a pleasure, the most experienced nostrils could recognize the pleasant fragrance of olive, as well as scent of hay and cut grass that give a real Mediterranean flavour to the EVO oil.

On the palate a fine texture is recognized, to the taste good aromaticity and alternation of sweet, bitter and spicy. The persistent finish is one of its most peculiar characteristics due to the mixture of Nocellara and Cerasuola varieties.


Since the foundation in 2006, Maria Luisa Renda wanted to produce an excellent bio olive oil that could respect the tradition of a territory with a millenial tradition of olives cultivation.

It all started from a fund in Trapani’s Locogrande district, in the middle of a landscape of secular olive trees. From the beginning, we chose to follow a precise production process to let the oil be certified as organic by European Union. Locogrande in Trapani, an area rich in centuries-old olive groves, where an organic method of growing olives has been applied since the beginning. This involves the application of a precise production process (controlled by the Codex) that attests to the prestigious Community certification.

In the production of our olive oil standards are what matter. We only use natural fertilization and pay attention to all stages of cultivation. The olives harvest begins with veraison and takes place both with manual stripping and with the support of mechanical instruments. The cold milling takes place within 24 hours, then oil is stored in stainless steel silos that keep oil temperature constant.