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Fine sicilian nougats: Discover more about our selection

Welcome to our page dedicated to nougats, a refined selection of this typical Sicilian sweet treat that embodies the essence of the island’s confectionery tradition. These nougats are handmade by the finest historic Sicilian producers, guaranteeing an authentic and unparalleled taste experience.

Although nougat is traditionally associated with Christmas and Easter festivities, its deliciousness and versatility have made it a product appreciated and sold throughout the year.

Among the varieties of nougats we offer, we are proud to present the delectable nougats from Fiasconaro. You can choose from classic nougat, chocolate nougat, pistachio nougat, and other delightful variations, available in bar format. For those who wish to savour the unique sweetness of manna, we propose the box of manna nougat bites and the box of mixed nougat bites, perfect for enjoying together or as a gift on special occasions.

In our selection, you will also find the delicious nougats from Bonajuto confectionery, synonymous with excellence and quality in the Sicilian confectionery sector. The toasted nougat, the white nougat, the cubaita nougat, and the ideal nougat are just a few of the exquisite creations you can discover in our category dedicated to these scrumptious treasures of Sicilian confectionery art.

Immerse yourself in the tradition and passion that characterise Sicilian artisan nougats, and let yourself be captivated by the intoxicating flavours and aromas that only the island’s master confectioners can offer. Enjoy your journey into the world of Sicilian nougats!