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Extra virgin olive oil is healthy? Find out!

Extra virgin olive oil is healthy

Nowadays it is considered as a fact, supported by solid scientific evidence: extra virgin olive oil is healthy. Its properties are numerous and varied, scholars maintain that there is still much to discover about the benefits it can bring to the human body. However, there are some cornerstones on which everyone agrees, which make EVO the best oil to use for your diet.

A cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet

It is no coincidence that extra virgin olive oil is one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, one of the most used elements in the kitchen for cooking and eating food. The Mediterranean Diet Foundation claims that it is a food rich in vitamin E, beta-carotenes and monounsaturated fatty acids, which give it cardiovascular protection properties. Moreover, extra virgin olive oil is mostly made up of fats, which supposes that it gives an important contribution of energy to man. In particular, EVO oil is rich in oleic acid, an unsaturated fat that guarantees an antioxidant effect, important for human health, especially in older age.

The benefits: because extra virgin olive oil is healthy?

But what are these benefits that extra virgin olive oil would bring to human health? We list them for your convenience.

  • It protects against the development of cardiovascular diseases: we are talking about a product with anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties.
  • According to science, it prevents cancer, in particular breast and colon cancer formations.
  • Delays the development of arteriosclerosis, a common disease in old age, which leads to hypertension and causes heart attacks in people.
  • Prevents the development of diabetes mellitus and helps to delay its debilitating effects
  • Hinders macular degeneration of the eye, a condition in which the central portion of the retina (the macula) deteriorates or does not function properly.
  • Helps people in the fight against cellular aging
  • Extra virgin olive oil, according to experts, exerts a positive influence in the delay of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • It would reduce the risk of suffering from depression
  • It is an excellent ally in the fight against bad cholesterol: in parallel, it helps to increase good cholesterol
  • Thanks to EVO oil it is possible to improve digestion by stimulating the biliary vesicle.
  • It can create a “barrier” against gastritis and ulcers.
  • It is an excellent ally of the body to promote intestinal transit, a natural remedy against constipation.
  • Hydrates and tones the skin, keeping it young for a long time

One teaspoon of oil a day…

In particular, a study by the Italian Society of Diabetology has shown that consuming olive oil on a daily basis allows the control of glycaemia changes, especially in people with type 1 diabetes. Apparently, in fact, EVO oil keeps the level of sugar in the body under control, then acts as a shield for the cardiovascular system. This is why nutritionists and dieticians advise to eliminate as much as possible the use of butter and derivatives for condiments, using extra virgin olive oil in a calibrated way.

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