Pistils de safran pur

Saffron is a spice famous all over the world for the traditional taste, but above all, for the iconic yellow color hue, due to its carotenoid pigment, the crocin. Used also as officinal herb, saffron and its pistils are still demanded by the market confirming it as the most expensive spice in the world. You may fin saffron as powder or use its pistils to enhance the taste of your milanese risotto!

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The main difference while using saffron pistils instead of saffron powder is that you can’t just add them to your dish. Pistils, in fact, need a 40 minutes treatment in tap water, in order to release their typical aroma. If you love a stronger saffron scent you just have to leave the pistils a little bit longer in warm (not boiling) water and wait for more gold to spread! Once ready, filter it with a cloth and add it to your recipes to boost taste and metabolism! Rossoraro processes only organic saffron from Sicily, grown in the Etna area, is a pinch of pure red gold in your cuisine.

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    Un safran de la plus haute qualité. Je le recommande.

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