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The sicilian Bronte pistachio cream is one of those things you will definitely crave once you taste it! Perfect with a slice of homemade bread, is a boost to your mood. Treat yourself and your family with a delicate and tasty creme ready to use for your recipes. Either for breakfast or just as a snack, the pistachio cream is a versatile touch of sweetness throughout the day, try to add it to your gelato cup or as stuffing for fragrant croissants. Enjoy the charming scent od sicilian pistachio to allow yourself a moment of pure delight.

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With pure Bronte pistachio, grown on the west slope of Etna, Sicilfrutti produces the finest sicilian Bronte pistachio becoming an icon of tradition and innovation. The pistachio is naturally cultivated, carefully avoiding chemicals or processed colorants, this also preserves the nutrients fundamental to our health. A portion of pistachios a day, in fact, can provide potassium, phosphorum, magnesium and iron in the quantity we need to feel good from head to toe!

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Bronte Pistachio Dop 20%, Sucre, Huiles et graisses végétales, Lait écrémé en poudre, Lactosérum en poudre, Émulsifiant : Leticine de soja, Arômes.







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