Grappa Mille e una notte

This excellent grappa is obtained from marc of red grapes, distilled in alembic still and aged in small oak barrels. Its colour is deep gold, with a charming and enveloping aroma, prelude of a soft and ample taste enhanced by a robust texture, with hints of dried fruit, honey and vanilla.

As per tradition, it is preferable to drink it at the end of a meal, accompanied by toasted fruit, chocolate and cream-based desserts. Serve at a temperature between 12 and 16 degrees. Alcohol content of 42% vol

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Mille e una Notte Grappa is produced by Donnafugata, a well known industry operating with wine. Among a wide list of wines, thi grappa stands out adding an elegant and fine personality to the entire selection. This Grappa is obtained by red grapes, fermented and distilled, then reposed in wooden containers. The essence of wood penetrates the Grappa enhancing the aromatic richness, confirming the desire to give the red wine pomace its own value and personality, expressed by the sweet main taste that finds its perfection in an harmonic and persistent final taste

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