Pesto di pistacchio

Natural ingredients for a natural taste, just by opening a jar. The delicious
Italian pistachio pesto, is a widely diffused brother of the more common
Genova pesto, made out of basil, oil and parmesan. In this case the
traditional pine nuts leave the place to the organic Sicilian Bronte pistachio,
taking the take to another level. Try it with onion and bacon for an intriguing
pasta, or use it on bread for an Italian aperitivo. With this pesto you will get
the real flavour of mediterranean tradition, condensed in a special seasoning
perfect to enhance your recipes.

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Sicilifrutti pistachio pesto is made with Bronte Pistachio DOP, around Etna.
Neither the dry fruit or the pesto are added with chemicals, preservants or
additives, guaranteeing you all the quality you may expect from this product.
The pistachio is also rich in vitamins and nutrients such as potassium and
iron, but above all is a friend for your cholesterol level, keeping it at its place.
The rare quality of the raw material combined to the artisanal ability of
processing it are the main reason to add this seasoning to your #needtotry

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Bronte Pistachio Dop 70%, Sunflower seed oil, Salt, Black pepper.







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