Pistachio pesto


Alicos pistachio pesto is a high-quality gourmet product that celebrates one of Sicily’s most distinctive flavours: the pistachio. Packaged in 180 gram jars, this pesto boasts a generous amount of pistachios (65%) and is characterised by its versatility in cooking. It is ideal as a condiment for meat or fish first courses, but also as a spread on bread and crostini, offering a refined touch to appetisers and snacks.

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Pistachio pesto – With 65% pistachio

The simplicity of the ingredients – pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper – gives this pesto a unique and unmistakable flavour. Its creamy texture and fresh colour make it a delicious and refined condiment, perfect for enhancing many dishes. Alicos Pistachio Pesto can be combined with different types of pasta, enriching dishes with its intense flavour and delicate aroma. It is also excellent with cheese, served on homemade bread croutons or accompanied by steamed vegetables, and pairs beautifully with lightly fruity or full-bodied white wines.


Alicos is a Sicilian company that draws inspiration from the island’s rich culinary tradition, combining unique flavours with state-of-the-art production techniques. The passion for authentic Sicilian flavours is reflected in the careful selection of raw materials and the constant search for a balance between taste and well-being. Alicos is committed to producing foods that reflect a healthy and genuine lifestyle, adapting to modern lifestyles without losing the link to traditions. In addition to Pesto di Pistacchio, the company produces a wide range of products, including extra virgin olive oil, preserves, patés, ready-made sauces, sweet creams, jams and marmalades, also available in organic and vegan versions. Alicos stands out for its commitment to spreading the culture of high-quality flavours, bringing the true essence of Sicily to the table.

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Pistachio 65%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper.





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