Tuna salami

Nino Castiglione

Tuna salami is a Sicilian delicacy rich in omega 3, perfect for enjoying in slices seasoned with extra virgin olive oil or as a substitute for guanciale in carbonara pasta.

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Tuna Salami, Auriga – Rich in omega 3, processed in Sicily

Artisanally produced in Sicily by Nino Castiglione, this delicious tuna salami is made with yellowfin tuna, sea salt, and pepper, ensuring a strong taste and a dark brown color. Tuna salami (Ficazza di tonno) is made from pieces of tuna adhering to the bones, hand-processed and seasoned with Trapani sea salt and black pepper. Its handmade production and the use of high-quality ingredients give the product a unique consistency and flavor. The tuna used is caught using purse seine and gill nets, in compliance with regulations and environmental protection, and is Dolphin Safe certified.

Nino Castiglione

Nino Castiglione, son of a junk dealer and passionate about tuna fisheries, founded his company in the port of Trapani, focusing on the local tradition of tuna fishing and the safety of innovative production processes, while respecting the environment and workers’ dignity. The entire production process takes place in his facility, where locally caught Mediterranean red tuna is processed and canned. Over the years, the company has grown and specialized in the processing of yellowfin tuna, sourced from both Norway and the oceans, to meet the growing demand. With the Auriga – San Cusumano Selection brand, Nino Castiglione offers a high-quality product that reflects his passion for tradition and attention to the environment.

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Yellowfin tuna, sea salt, pepper





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