Salted ricotta cheese


Occhipinti salted ricotta is a gem of Sicilian tradition, born from the centuries-old art of manually salting ricotta. This aged cheese is renowned for its culinary versatility and distinctive taste that enriches a wide range of dishes.

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Salted ricotta cheese – Organic, from Ragusa

Sourced from the lush hills of the Ragusa area, Occhipinti Salted Ricotta is the result of a meticulous selection of the highest quality fresh ricotta. After being allowed to drain, the ricotta is carefully hand-salted with sea salt and aged for 10 to 30 days to achieve the perfect consistency and flavor intensity. This salted ricotta stands out for its versatility: excellent grated on first courses, such as the traditional Pasta alla Norma, or in flakes on vegetables and side dishes, it enriches every recipe with its decisive yet balanced flavor. Properly preserved at +4°C, it maintains its freshness and organoleptic qualities for up to 180 days.


Occhipinti is located in the fertile countryside of Ragusa, where the tradition of cheese production has been handed down for generations. Thanks to the organic feeding of the animals and a passion for artisanal processing, Occhipinti’s products, from Ragusano DOP to ricotta and beyond, embody the excellence of Sicilian gastronomy. With its salted ricotta, Occhipinti celebrates the unbreakable bond with the territory and culture of the Madonie, offering a product that encapsulates the very essence of Sicily. The Occhipinti family, awarded the Ragusano D’oro 2020, continues to innovate while respecting tradition, reaffirming their commitment to quality and authenticity.

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