Calamarata pasta

This pasta owns the name to the famous dish of Naples the Calamarata. Traditionally served with this fish, the Calamarata is a rounded shape of pasta, appreciated all over the world. To many Italians, in fact, this pasta immediately recalls to big family gatherings, transforming the Pasta calamarata in a storyteller able to take us wondering through places and flavours belonging to all of us. The specific rounded shape, that may be confused with pizzoccheri, is the perfect match to flavoured sauces such as swordfish and tomato sauce or with fresh molluscs and crustaceans, but it also fits the vegetarian taste if cooked with veggies and cheese based sauces.

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The sinuous shape of Calamarata pasta holds gently the sauce in, shielding it within until the first taste comes. The texture is cook proof, due to the organic durum wheat semolina which makes this pasta the best to have fun with, trying different recipes. The flour is stone grounded, allowing the wheat to maintain all of its benefits and properties for health, in fact each part of the grain is conserved, being rich in terms of fibres. The wheat chosen among the highest quality ancient ones, such as Senatore Cappelli, Margherito and Perciasacchi, is fully grown under the sun of Sicily and not genetically modified, therefore we obtain a 100% natural, healthy and Italian product. Dried within 24 – 36 hours and bronze drown, with Calamarata Damigella you will taste the real flavour of handmade pasta, as it was yesterday and so will be tomorrow.




Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Gluten content, wheat germ.






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