Extra virgin olive oil

The first oil harvestings in Sicily are dated during the Phoenix Era, as Sicily was a crucial area for the sailing trade. The olives harvesting then became a tradition also among the latins and the Greeks, whose intuition about the extraordinary potential about the climate and territory of the area, let them develop this tachnique even further. Still, the harvesting of olives in Sicily became consistent in the modern age with the Bourbons, allowing this to become an economical resource for the area. As the historical witnesses report, in fact, oil and olives became an important source for the financial prosperity of the island, which is still nowadays in the area of Trapani. 

Foundimental for any recipe, such as salads, toasted bread or soups and main courses, the olive oil is without any doubt the king of the mediterranean diet, enhancing taste and balance among your ingredients.

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What makes an olive oil, a good one? A lot of things can be said about this! The organic oil of Renda, in this sense, is a product made to fit any need and for this reason it is considerably positioned among the highest quality ones. Produced in the area of the valli trapanesi, is dense and veiled, with a deep green gradient, enhanced by golden strains. 

With its low acidity rate, less than the 0,5%, is produced by the cultivar of Nocellare del Belice and Cerasuola, not so far from the see. What makes this oil outstanding and precious is the cold pressing that allows us to extract the best essence of our olives, obtaining an extra-high quality oil, whose aroma is a gift to your senses. Balanced, rich and robust, but at the same time sweet and sour, with a touch of amarotic scent, this oil sounds like the best music your senses could ever experience enhancing your recipes and giving the right glance to your courses. As this unique taste has became a symbol, the Renda oil won the Bonolio prize in 2008, as recognition for the ability, passion and dedition to produce a superior quality oil.









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