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Among the most appreciated wines and among the most famous labels of Donnafugata’s winery is a soft and full-bodied white wine such as ChiarandĂ , a 100% Chardonnay with a rich and deep aroma, able to stand out immediately as one of the excellence of the Sicilian winery’s production. Produced since 1992, it is now a true symbol of the island’s Chardonnay, which takes its name from the ChiarandĂ  del Merlo vineyard, located on the estate of Contessa Ermellina.

In order to generate a wine of the highest quality, the production process of the bottles starts from the careful selection of the best Chardonnay grapes, harvested at night from the second half of August. Then, the grapes are aged for 6 months on noble lees, with passage in barriques and tonneaux. The result of this process is a white wine which is particularly appreciated on every occasion, but which is able to be well represented in the most important events, with its aromatic suggestions which can be easily encountered from the very first taste.

Poured in a large goblet, the wine has a rather luminous golden yellow colour, while its bouquet recalls hints of tropical and yellow fruit, wisteria and vanilla. The taste on the palate is enveloping, long and persistent, without ever losing its softness.

In order to taste the wine at its best, it is advisable to let it breathe for at least 15 minutes. You can also drink it immediately, or after having placed it in the cellar, even for several years. Its combinations are rich: think of first courses with vegetables, seafood risottos, grilled or smoked fish, stewed white meat.

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