Pantelleria capers

All of us love capers and we know that so do you, but did you know that Pantelleria capers are the only ones in Sicily and Italy as well to have an IGP certification? Well, now you do! This precious fruit used to grow quite wild and free, but have always been a fundamental ingredient to our local cuisine tradition. What could you do with this super delicious berry? Here some ideas! Capers are ideal if you want to add a scent of Sicily to any of your recipes! For example, you could go for a traditional tomato sauce-based pasta and add a bunch of capers to feel immediately embraced by the sun of our island! That’s not all, of course, capers are just perfect to be paired with a second main course such as meat or fish, and if you want to explore our national taste even deeper, why do not challenge yourself with the traditional Italian veal with tuna sauce? You will never forget the incredible result…

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The Pantelleria Capers is a milestone of Sicilian tradition and even more for La Nicchia, a local organic farm that has devoted its production to capers since 1949, taking on a tradition that would have died instead. Thanks to their traditional production process, the capers offered by La Nicchia are an icon of our Sicilian taste preserved with love and dedication, but above all, enhancing the organic qualities of our territories, letting you swing among the finest selection from their fields.




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