Saffron and Ragusano cream

The slightly biting flavour of Ragusa Cheese is perfeclty matchted in this delicate cream to the unique scent of pure saffron. The balance and harmony among the elements creates what coiuld be defines as an incredible tasting experience: this cream can be served pure – for a fancy aperitivo – or enhance the power of your recipes, allowing you to take your creativity to another level. Pasta, homemade bread or even fresh vegetables are the best to have when it comes to taste the ragusa cheese and saffron creme, a bite of italy ready to be tasted!

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Enjoy the unique taste of ragusa cheese in a ready to go gourmet portion. Practical and versatile, is perfect to give an extra italian scent to your fancy dinner and share it with who you love the most! Try the taste of years and years of experience in balancing the pure essence of saffron with the most traditional local taste, root of a deep local knowledge of traditions. Rossoraro offers a first class quality product to guarantee the best raw material to its consumers, choosing saffron grown in the Etna area.









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