80% pure chocolate


Bonajuto’s 80% chocolate is a gem of confectionery art that enhances the fullness of the taste of cocoa with a touch of sweetness. This chocolate is perfect for the most demanding palates, offering a rich and intense tasting experience, as well as for use in the kitchen, enriching various recipes with its robust flavor.

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80% pure chocolate bar – Handmade in Modica

Bonajuto’s 80% chocolate offers a unique taste experience, thanks to the perfect balance between cocoa mass and sugar. This proportion allows it to express a robust taste while maintaining a delicate and fragrant aftertaste, which underlines the distinctive hints of cocoa. Produced following an ancient recipe at the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily, the 80% chocolate is made only with highly selected cocoa mass and sugar. The art of cold-working chocolate, handed down through six generations, allows preserving the natural flavors and aromas of cocoa, resulting in a bar with an authentic taste. Thanks to its characteristics, it lends itself to multiple uses, both as an ingredient in innovative recipes and as a delight to be enjoyed after meals, pairing it with spirits or low-acidity wines.

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is a real treasure of Sicilian tradition, with over 150 years of history and six generations dedicated to the artisan production of chocolate. Founded in 1880 by Francesco Bonajuto, this historic confectionery, located in the baroque heart of Modica, has been recognized as one of the 100 excellences of Italy since 2008. Bonajuto continues to keep the tradition alive, producing sweets and chocolates daily following the ancient Modican and Sicilian recipes, in a creative process that combines fidelity to tradition with the contemporary interpretation of sweets. Since 1880, Bonajuto continues to produce its Modica chocolate using the ancient cold-processing method of cocoa, introduced to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors. Every purchase of a Bonajuto product is not only a journey into taste but also a way to support a family business that has made quality and tradition its strengths.

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Cocoa mass 80%, sugar.




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