Figs in syrup

Mamma Andrea

Mamma Andrea’s Figs in Marsala Syrup are an exclusive gourmet delight, ideal for those seeking a touch of elegance and refinement in their kitchen. Packaged in an elegant 430-gram jar, these figs are perfect as an end-of-meal dessert, to enrich homemade sweets, as an accompaniment to aged cheeses, roasts, and game, or to add a special touch to your ice creams and spoon desserts.

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Figs in syrup with Marsala wine – Artisanal product

Mamma Andrea’s Figs in Marsala Syrup are prepared with a selection of high-quality dried figs, cooked in an aromatic syrup enriched with Marsala, one of Sicily’s most prestigious wines. This process enhances the natural sweetness of the figs, enriching it with the warm and enveloping notes of Marsala. The addition of almonds completes the taste profile, creating a perfect balance between sweet and aromatic.

Mamma Andrea

Mamma Andrea, a name that evokes the passion and art of Sicilian cuisine, was born in the ’80s, the fruit of the creative flair of Andrea De Cesare. The company, “I Peccatucci di Mamma Andrea,” founded in 1989, has established itself for the excellence and refinement of its products, combining Andrea De Cesare’s experience as a set designer and costume designer with culinary art.

In 1990, Mamma Andrea received its first national recognition, followed by a series of successes and the expansion of the company, culminating with the inauguration of a new plant in 2002. The company is dedicated to the production of artisanal products, valuing Italian culinary tradition and using local and seasonal raw materials.

Mamma Andrea’s commitment to creating healthy and natural products is reflected in the choice to collaborate with small local companies that adopt traditional processing methods. In addition to the attention to the quality of the ingredients, the company also stands out for the care in the presentation of its products, with packaging that enhances the harmony and richness of flavors of each creation.

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Dried figs 58,1%, sugar, water, marsala, almonds





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