Peach extra jam

Whether on a delicate galette or as tasty stuffing for croissants and cakes, the peach jam is worldwide appreciated for its sweetness and versatility. This jam, in fact, can be used to enrich your recipes, giving an extra fresh taste! Either you are a lover of the old-fashioned peach jam pie or your pop spirit leads you towards more experimentation, choosing products of a top quality rank is what makes always the difference between a good plate and an unforgettable tasting experience!

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Waiting patiently under the warm sun of Sicily, Samperi organic farm is committed in growing, harvesting andΒ  delivering the finest Leonforte PGI peach. The result of Samperi’s traditional processing methods is a delicate and tasty jam, rich in vitamins and organic properties inherited by the original fruit, which is also grown avoiding chemicals, preservatives and additives. By doing so, each jar maintains all the fragrancies of a freshmade product, taking to you the love and respect for nature that gives origin to Samperi organic farm. The same love is the reason why this organic farm and its products are internationally recognised as slow food praesidium, guarantee of inimitable quality.









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