Ginger chocolate


Bonajuto’s ginger chocolate represents an unusual and intriguing combination of flavors. Its lively and slightly spicy note, derived from the presence of powdered ginger, blends with the richness of cocoa to create a unique and fresh product, perfect for those seeking a new taste experience.

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Ginger chocolate bar – Handmade in Modica

The bar of Bonajuto’s ginger chocolate stands out for its characteristic lively and slightly spicy aftertaste, due to the addition of powdered ginger. Respecting the ancient chocolate recipe that involves the low-temperature processing of sugar and cocoa mass, this chocolate sees the addition of one of the most appreciated ingredients in the kitchen, ginger. Its presence gives the chocolate a unique and stimulating taste experience. This bar is suitable for various uses, from pure tasting to the preparation of gourmet recipes, and it is perfect to enjoy after meals accompanied by excellent spirits and low acidity wines. By purchasing this chocolate online, you will be assured of receiving a high-quality, cold-worked artisan product, in accordance with tradition.

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

The Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is an institution in the art of confectionery, with a history that dates back to the distant 1880. For six generations, it has been producing handmade chocolate, sweets, and nougats of the Modica and Sicilian tradition, passing down ancient flavors and processing techniques. Located in the heart of Baroque Modica, Dolceria Bonajuto has managed to keep the link with tradition alive, offering unique and unmistakable products. Every day, the master confectioners work with dedication and passion, producing high-quality sweets and chocolate.

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Cocoa mass, sugar, ginger 1,48%.





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