Linguine pasta


Slow drying, bronze drawing, and organic cultivation make the Damigella linguine a small Sicilian pasta-making work of art. The authentic taste of ancient Sicilian grains brings Sicily to your table. Choose fish and tasty sauces to enjoy the best of this product.

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Linguine pasta – Organic and artisanal

The durum wheat semolina used to produce Damigella linguine is an excellent raw material: a blend of ancient Sicilian grains containing wheat germ and mixed with water only. Naturally rich in fiber, this product contributes to the acceleration of intestinal transit. Health and wellbeing are combined with the unique taste and fragrance of high-quality production, controlled and genuine as well as the organic cultivation of the ingredients.


From organic farming, Damigella produces flour, semolina, and processed products from ancient Sicilian grains. From the fields to the table, Damigella always cares for high-quality and wholesomeness. 

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Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Gluten content, wheat germ.






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