Pecorino cheese

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The Sicilian Pecorino PDO is a typical Sicilian cheese produced in Salemi, in the province of Trapani. This ancient cheese is made exclusively from raw sheep’s milk and has a rich and savoury flavour. Perfect to be enjoyed with bread, olives and a good glass of red wine, Sicilian Pecorino is a gastronomic product that delights the palate and tells the story of the Sicilian territory.

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Sicilian Pecorino – PDO Certified

Sicilian Pecorino PDO, locally known as “tumazzu” or “Picurinu”, is a hard cheese made exclusively from sheep’s milk in the Sicilian territory. It has a hard, oily crust, caused by coating with olive oil and the grooves created by the reed baskets. The colour varies from white to straw-yellow, tending to brown with ageing. The internal texture is compact and variable in colour, with fine and regular eye formation.

This fatty cheese can be short, medium or long-aged and is excellent when consumed on its own, with bread and olives, or as an ingredient in traditional Sicilian dishes. It pairs perfectly with wines such as Marsala, Etna Rosso or Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

Its production dates back to ancient Greece, and its distinctive flavour is due to the climate and the sheep’s diet, which consists of wild herbs from Sicilian pastures. The processing follows traditional techniques, including milk coagulation, curd breaking and the addition of hot water, shaping in reed baskets and hand salting.


Cucchiara Company is a family-owned business located in the heart of the province of Trapani, in the territory of Salemi. Surrounded by natural pastures and led by the experience and passion of the Cucchiara brothers, the company is dedicated to producing high-quality sheep’s cheeses, such as Sicilian Pecorino PDO and Vastedda della Valle del Belice PDO.

Attention to detail and care in the selection of ingredients, combined with the use of traditional techniques and natural environments for cheesemaking and maturing, make Cucchiara cheeses unique and valuable. The milk used comes from animals fed on spontaneous fodder from Sicilian pastures, ensuring a high-quality product rich in flavours and aromas typical of the Mediterranean.

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Raw sheep's milk, rennet, salt.






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