Ben Ryé wine


Straw wine from Pantelleria, made from Zibibbo grapes. Bright and amber-coloured, it shows itself to the nose with pleasant sweet sensations, with a gentle breath of honey and aromatic herbs. The taste is soft and persistent. Serve in tulip-shaped glasses of medium size, with a temperature of about 14 degrees.

Excellent with baked confectionery products or blue cheese. Do not underestimate its pleasant use as a transport wine or as an accompaniment for a convivial occasion, where the Ben Ryè can show all its great qualities.

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Known to be one of the most famous passito wines in Italy and worldwide, it has become an icon of what the Passito wine traditionally tastes like. Due to the Zibibbo grapes blended within this wine, the final result is pretty unique for its kind, in fact, the 11 varieties of grapes chosen to produce this wine are naturally dried under the sun of Sicily for at least one month. The Ben Ryé Passito of Pantelleria is the perfect companion for a moment of pure meditation: embracing, harmonic, sweet and tender, you will completely be charmed! Let yourself go and follow the flow of a precious apricot aroma, blended gently with honey and dried figs. Try it once and you will immediately feel its structure and complexity that embody the balance between softenss and sapiness. Are you a lover of the sweet art of patisserie? You won’t do anything else than falling in love with it, pairing it to the traditional pastry tastes you love the most to spend a unique sweet moment with your beloved one!

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