Vigna La Miccia wine - 2016

De Bartoli

Fortified wine, whose aroma is elegant but strong and robust at the same time, Marsala is a vivid icon of Sicily in Italy and worldwide. Specifically served accompanied by traditional desserts, marsala is a fresh and sapid amber wine, who embraces the mouth, exploding into a crescendo of dried fruit scent bouquet. The grape holds the typical balsamic and warm perfume of its ground within, letting the wine be able to inherit the powerful aroma mix of its terroir. The result is an organic fortified wine, perfect to be loved in the company of sweet desserts or cheese and foie gras. The freshness joint to the sapid touch is the perfect counterbalancing of its organoleptic properties, making it ideally perfect for recipes rich in fat or sugars, serving it at the end of a delicious dinner. Engaging but still lovable and refined, Marsala is a continuous surprise to be discovered either in its purity or for an Italian gourmet experience

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Born thanks to the union of tradition and technology, since 1985 Marco de Bartoli produces a traditional Marsala, but this is one of a kind. Demi sec, fruity and fresh, Marsala Superiore Oro transforms the classic Marsala into a modern and refined version of itself. Produced by cold-grounding the grape and selecting it by hand, Marco Bartoli’s Marsala Superiore Oro seduces the mouth sip after sip not heaving its alcoholic grade of 18.5 vol, maintaining a sapid background note as a tie to its territory. The delicate fermentation with local yeast takes place after a long and natural process of sedimentation, letting the wine relax in French durmast casks.

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