Saffron pistils


Valdibella’s saffron pistils are one of the most prized and sought-after spices in the kitchen, known for their unique flavour and vivid colour. Traditionally used in a variety of dishes, from risottos to soups and stews, it is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and flavour to any dish.

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Saffron pistils – Organic, 100% Italian, Sicilian

Valdibella saffron pistils is a product of exceptional quality, obtained from the delicate stigmas of Crocus sativus, carefully cultivated and harvested in the Madonie Park areas. This spice is harvested by hand during the short flowering days of the year, guaranteeing a product of maximum freshness and quality. Each stigma is dried at a controlled temperature and stored in jars to maintain its unmistakable aroma. This process requires around 120 flowers to obtain one gram of saffron, making it an extremely valuable product. Its bittersweet taste and red-yellow colour, due to its high crocin content, make it ideal for both sweet and savoury dishes, such as risottos, soups, bruschetta and fish or cheese dishes.


Valdibella is a cooperative founded in 1998, with a strong commitment to the promotion of organic and sustainable agriculture, and active support for the local community. It is dedicated to the production of a variety of organic products, including wine, wheat, pasta, almonds, oil, vegetables and pulses. The Valdibella project was created with the aim of restoring dignity to farmers, combating commercial and labour exploitation and valorising Sicily’s biodiversity and native crops. The cooperative works closely with the Salesian community Itaca, contributing to the job placement of young people with social disadvantages. Valdibella’s approach combines the collective strength of several farmers to overcome individual challenges and promote organic farming that respects the environment and tradition.

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