Pure saffron pistils


Colour, health, and taste come together in an exceptional 100% Sicilian product. Rossoraro saffron pistils encapsulate the characteristics and the quality of first-class Sicilian saffron. Use them in your dishes as an ingredient with a bitter-sweet taste, or as a decoration for your fish or cheese bruschetta, such as provola ragusana.

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Pure saffron pistils – Artisanal, from Etna

Considered to be the most precious spice in the world, it is called the ‘red gold’ of the kitchen. Saffron is collected in very fragile pistils and it keeps for a long time. The Sicilian quality is highly valued because it contains high levels of crocin, the element that defines the spice’s bright red-yellow colour. Rossoraro pistils are outstanding examples of the value of this exotic ingredient, for their health properties and optimal performance in dishes.


Rossoraro is a farm in Ragalna, in the district of Catania, that produces saffron with the highest organoleptic properties. Harvested by hand and packaged in purity, the company takes care of each package like a precious treasure. 

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