Blood orange bitters


Whether you serve it as After dinner or share it as a fancy drink with a friend, the Italian bitter – even if you’d better call it amaro – is the corner stone of a long lasting tradition that embraces the Italian welcoming culture, influenced by years and years of history on its back. The origin of this beverage comes from the ancient tradition of infusing fruits and herbs in solutions made of alcohol and water, so that they could extract the essence of any single ingredients.

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In Sicily, red oranges are known to be the golden fruit. Selected in the area of Misterbianco, the red orange chosen for Amara is the ideal representation of the Sicilian territory, becoming an expression of taste and tradition. Only orange zest, water, sugar and alcohol are mixed to produce Amara, in fact, neither the oranges or the herbs are treated with chemicals or additives. The balance between the herbs and oranges offers an intriguing bouquet, making it perfect to be added to any summerish cocktail. The sweet last note opens the taste towards a pure Sicilian freshness revisited by a modern and convivial feeling which will change for ever your idea of Aperitivo!

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