Mille e una notte wine

Dark ruby red wine made from Nero d’Avola grapes, mixed with local black grapes. Deep and penetrating, its aroma glows exploding into reminiscences of berries, coffee, spices and tobacco. Robust in texture and personality, at the taste reveals a rather persistent and persistent aromatic freshness. To be combined with meat based recipes, such as roasted beef or traditional stewed meats or even mature cheeses. Ideal to be served at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees celsius, savouring with slowness and wisdom all the charm that only the bottle of Mille e una notte can give you. As you taste it, you will recognise the essence og a long lasting tradition, kept alive maintaining the same processes of yesterday, but turning the tradition into a continuous innovation, making of this wine a landmark in the international scenario.

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The idea at the roots of this wine is to enhance the excellence of the Sicilian territory into a blend of the purest and most identificative grapes available on the land, but adding also an international sparkle introducing Syrah grapes or Petit verdot. Donnafugata holds within the bouquet all the shades and scents that you may experience by spending a week in Sicily. The constant high quality level of the yearly production has confirmed this wine as most compete expression of innovation combined with the knowledge inherited from a rich past, transforming the harvesting into an eternal practice with an almost sacral attitude of love and respect towards the pure raw material. The fermentation in French oak barrels reveals the complex structure of the wine that perfectly matches to deep soul food. Either if you are planning a romantic diner or a traditional lunch with your family, Donnafugata will bring a ray of Sicily at your table, making it the right companion for unforgettable moments.





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