Lemon marmalade

Marchesi San Giuliano
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Marchesi di San Giuliano’s lemon marmalade is a real delight for the most refined palates. Characterized by small peels full of flavor, it is ideal for giving a final sour and cheerful touch to sweets such as crepes, croissants and pies. Produced with organic methods, without the use of pectin, preservatives, thickeners and gluten, it is a true explosion of flavor.

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Sicilian lemon marmalade – Organic, without pectin

Marchesi di San Giuliano’s lemon marmalade is a feast of flavors, encapsulating the freshness and color of Sicily. Using 45g of fruit for every 100g of product, and 63g of total sugars per 100g, it offers an authentic and deep flavor. Made with organically grown lemons in the company’s lands at the foot of Etna, and cane sugar, without the addition of additives or thickeners, it is a superior quality product. It’s perfect for enjoying over a slice of bread as a snack, or to accompany pastry preparations such as croissants or tarts. It is packaged in a 460 gram jar.

Marchesi San Giuliano

The Marchesi di San Giuliano Agricultural Company is located between Catania and Syracuse, in the heart of the traditional Sicilian agricultural region. It extends over about 250 hectares, 50 of which are dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits, including lemons, oranges, tangerines, and nova clementines. The company’s agricultural practices comply with the organic regulations of the European Community, with exclusive use of organic fertilization and beneficial insects for pest control. This has allowed the company to produce healthier fruit compared to the times of chemical treatments, maintaining an agroecosystem balance that keeps harmful insect species under control. Since 1993 the company is certified organic by Ecogruppo Italia, ensuring that production methods meet the high standards of organic farming imposed by the European Community.

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