Star traditional panettone

Ciccio Sultano

Natural, without preservatives or additives. The art of the panettone in the hands of an award-winning master pastry chef. Enjoy the warmth of the festive season with Ciccio Sultano’s traditional panettone.

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Star traditional panettone – Artisanal, natural ingredients

Awarded two Michelin stars, Chef Ciccio Sultano’s exclusive Christmas creation is a traditional panettone with Mediterranean flavors. Candied oranges, candied lemons, sultanas, vanilla, dairy butter, almonds, high-quality Italian flour, sourdough starter, and eggs are the only ingredients shaped by the patience and art of the pastry chef. The traditional panettone is left to rise for 72 hours to guarantee a strong and intense flavor. This is a traditional but unique panettone.

Ciccio Sultano

As he likes to remind us, chef Ciccio Sultano combines both nature and human history in his dishes. The mastery of his art, recognised by the most famous guide in the world for his restaurant Duomo in Ragusa Ibla, is evident in each of his culinary creations. It is based on the exaltation of the truest flavors and oldest techniques of Sicilian cuisine.

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Italian flour, dairy butter, sugar, sourdough, eggs, candied orange, candied lemon, sultanas, almonds, honey, salt, vanilla





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