Padre della Vigna straw wine - 2014

Marco De Bartoli
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The Bukkuram Padre Della Vigna is an exclusive Passito di Pantelleria produced by Marco De Bartoli, capable of perfectly blending the elegance, concentration and unmistakable aroma of Zibibbo with the unique territory of Pantelleria. This sweet and persistent wine stands out for its hints of raisins, candied citrus, honey, and caramel, giving the palate an enveloping, harmonious, and fruity experience. It’s perfect as a meditation wine or as a pairing at the end of the meal with various desserts, aged cheeses, blue cheeses, dry pastries, and dark chocolate.

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Bukkuram Padre della Vigna – Pantelleria passito DOC

Produced from pure Zibibbo grapes, harvested from 35-50 year old bush vines with very low yields, the Bukkuram Padre Della Vigna is a symbol of the harmony between structure, acidity and softness. In its production, half of the grapes are left to naturally dry in the sun, while the other half remains on the plant. Following spontaneous fermentation, the dried grapes are added to the wine and left to macerate for about three months. The ageing takes place for about 30 months in barrique and 6 months in steel before bottling.

The Bukkuram Padre Della Vigna stands out in the glass for its compact amber dress with golden hues. On the nose, it offers an olfactory impact of stunning intensity, a whirlwind of sultana, orange blossom, apricot, honey and white chocolate that transports those who approach it directly to the island of Pantelleria. On the palate, it is full and substantial, endowed with a soft and velvety tactility but capable of extending into a significant saline persistence. A true masterpiece.

De Bartoli

The Marco De Bartoli winery is famous for producing authentic and high-quality Sicilian wines. The Bukkuram Padre Della Vigna, its prestigious Passito di Pantelleria, is known for its unique characteristics and loyalty to the terroir. De Bartoli also produces a variety of other renowned labels such as Marsala Superiore, Integrale and Grappoli del Grillo. Their vineyards are cultivated according to the principles of organic farming, both in Marsala and on the island of Pantelleria.

The Bukkuram Padre Della Vigna is perfect as a dessert wine, pairing beautifully with desserts based on dark chocolate, dried fruit, honey, or blue and aged cheeses. It can also be enjoyed as a meditation wine, slowly appreciating its complexity. All this makes it an exceptional representation of the variety and richness of the Sicilian wine landscape.

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