Natural salt flower


Re Sale D’Infersa’s salt flower are an extraordinary delicacy, resulting from a natural harmony between sea, sun, and wind. This extremely fine salt, hand-collected on windless days, can be used to enrich your dishes with a delicate and well-rounded savoriness.

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Natural salt flower, Re Sale d’Infersa – From Mothia, hand-picked

Re Sale D’Infersa’s salt flower are a unique example of an artisanal product. This salt forms as a thin film on the surface of the pans, remaining suspended over the water thanks to the perfect combination of sea, sun, and wind. The salt workers carefully collect the salt flower, skimming them by hand in just a few moments. The result is salt with an extremely fine grain, without the need for any mechanical grinding. Rich in magnesium, the salt gives foods an unparalleled savoriness, extremely delicate and well-rounded on the palate. The 120-gram packaging is presented in a reusable glass jar with a cork cap.


Sosalt is a company with a long tradition in the salt industry. Founded in 1922, it has always committed itself to cultivating and collecting salt, respecting the natural ecosystem. The company’s salt pans cover an area of 800 hectares, allowing for an annual production of about 100,000 tons. The company has two facilities that allow it to carefully monitor all stages of the production process, ensuring perfect hygienic-sanitary control. The salt workers collect salt both manually, using century-old techniques, and with mechanized methods, ensuring efficient salt collection.

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