Tuna carpaccio

Nino Castiglione

The Auriga tuna carpaccio is a delicious and flavourful appetiser made from lean salted and dried tuna fillet. Also known as tuna mosciame and tuna bresaola, this product is perfect for serving in thin slices, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. Rich in Omega 3, it is ideal for those seeking a healthy and tasty food.

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Tuna Carpaccio, Auriga – Rich in Omega 3, Handmade in Sicily

The Tuna Carpaccio is made with simple and genuine ingredients: yellowfin tuna and sea salt. Handcrafted in Sicily, this product reflects the local tradition and the expertise of the producer Nino Castiglione. The tuna is fished in compliance with regulations and with respect for the environment, using encircling nets and purse seines, ensuring adherence to Dolphin-safe certification.

Nino Castiglione

Nino Castiglione is a Sicilian company that combines the ancient local tradition of tuna fishing with innovative and sustainable production processes. Founded in Trapani by Nino Castiglione, the son of a second-hand goods dealer with a passion for tuna fishing, the company has grown over time and specialised in the processing and canning of various types of tuna, initially Mediterranean red tuna and later yellowfin tuna. The raw material comes from different oceans, always ensuring respect for the environment and the dignity of the workers. The entire production process takes place in the company’s factory, without offshoring, demonstrating the importance of the connection to the territory.

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Yellowfin tuna, sea salt






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