Chili pepper patè


The chili pepper paté produced by Alicos is a gourmet product that combines the warmth and vibrant flavor of Sicilian chili peppers with the quality of extra virgin olive oil. Presented in a 190-gram jar, this paté is a versatile condiment, perfect for adding a spicy touch to a wide range of dishes, from simple appetizers to more elaborate main courses.

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Chili pepper pat̩ РOrganic, gluten-free

Alicos’ Chili Pepper Paté is a tasteful creation that highlights the quality of the chili pepper, the main ingredient. This product is made with 82% chili pepper, thus ensuring a strong and decisive taste. The addition of extra virgin olive oil ensures a soft and creamy consistency, while organic grape vinegar provides a subtle sour balance. Excellent for seasoning pasta, enhancing the flavor of sweet cheeses or meat dishes, and as a spread on toasted bread or croutons.


Alicos is a brand deeply rooted in Sicilian culinary tradition. Born from a family’s passion for the authentic flavors of Sicily, the company is dedicated to producing high-quality foods that tell the story and traditions of the island. Alicos stands for care and wellbeing, adopting a production approach that respects health and proper nutrition, selecting only the finest raw materials. The extra virgin olive oil of the Cerasuola variety, characterized by a fruity aroma and intense flavor, is one of the company’s distinctive products, complemented by a wide range of preserves, sauces, creams, and patés, also available in organic and vegan versions. Alicos embodies the culture of good and high-quality flavors, bringing to every dish the uniqueness and essence of Sicily.

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Chilli pepper 82%, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar from organic grapes, potato starch, salt.







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