Tuna Florio

Nino Castiglione

The Tuna Florio, produced by the Nino Castiglione company, is a premium canned tuna perfect for enhancing your dishes with authentic and genuine flavours. Preserved in elegant boxes containing 6 tins of 100 grams each in olive oil, this high-quality tuna is processed and canned following ancient traditions, ensuring an unparalleled taste and texture.

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Tuna Florio – 3 months of maturation, processed in Sicily

Florio Tuna fillets, derived from the yellowfin species of oceanic origin, are hand-cut and canned using slow production machines, preserving the integrity and compactness of the slice. A maturation period of at least three months allows for the release of fragrances and flavours from times past, creating a product of the highest quality. The tuna is caught in accordance with the principles of the dolphin-safe project, respecting the marine environment and the species that inhabit it.

Nino Castiglione

Nino Castiglione, founder of the eponymous company, began his career as a worker at the Florio Factory in Favignana. Thanks to his passion and entrepreneurial spirit, he returned in the 1980s to manage the factory, fishing, and processing of tuna. The company is committed to following the innovations introduced by the Florios, such as the transition from preserving in salt in wooden barrels to preserving in oil and canning in tin, improving the quality and safety of the product. The Florio brand, synonymous with tradition and quality, evokes the legendary Sicilian family that revolutionised the economy and culture of the island during the Belle Époque. The Florios, traders, shipowners, and patrons, also dealt with the fishing and processing of tuna, transforming the Favignana tuna fishery into a modern and innovative canning industry.

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Yellowfin tuna, salt, olive oil