Salt chocolate


Bonajuto’s salted chocolate is a product with a robust and unexpected taste. With its minimum 80% cocoa and the presence of salt, this chocolate bar offers a culinary experience of contrasts that stimulate the palate. Ideal to be enjoyed as a dessert, it can be paired with a good red wine or a quality distillate.

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Salt chocolate bar – Handmade in Modica

Bonajuto’s salted chocolate bar is a masterpiece of Sicilian confectionery tradition. It features a granular structure, due to the inclusion of whole sugar grains within the cocoa mass, which is processed at low temperatures without the addition of cocoa butter or other foreign fats. The irregular surface with the appearance of cocoa butter is a typical feature of this artisanal process. But the real protagonist is the salt, which merges with the sugar creating a game of contrasts that is enhanced by the cocoa, giving the palate a unique and intense taste experience.

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

The Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, active for six generations and for more than 150 years, is an institution in the Sicilian confectionery landscape. Recognized in 2008 by Eurispes among the 100 excellences of Italy, the company handcrafts chocolate and passes on traditional Modican and Sicilian sweets and nougats, mostly of Arab or Spanish origin.

Founded in 1880 by Francesco Bonajuto in Modica, the sweet shop represents a strong historical and cultural bond with the city, still maintaining the ancient confectionery traditions, enriched by reinterpretations and influences that characterize its unique style.

The Dolceria Bonajuto workshop is a place where the ritual of confectionery creation takes place every day, in an infinity of ancient flavors that time has preserved. Each product is made and garnished one by one, reflecting the natural imperfection typical of the artisan work.

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Cocoa mass, sugar, salt