Hazelnuts cream


Energy, taste and health all in one jar. Melauro’s Bio Hazelnut Cream is a concentrate of flavour without the addition of superfluous ingredients. Try it during your breakfast or to fill cakes and pastries.

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Hazelnuts cream – Organic, artisanal

Free of colourings, flavourings and hydrogenated fats, Melauro’s Organic Hazelnut Cream contains a higher percentage of dried fruit than most hazelnut creams on the market. The Melauro cream is a genuine product in taste and composition, suitable for everyone as it is lactose free, gluten free and soya free. It contains only hazelnuts, brown sugar, seed oil and cocoa butter, all from organic farming.
The product is ICEA certified organic and is perfect for those leading a vegan lifestyle.


Melauro is a farm in Enna that pays attention to the quality of its products. Initially a honey producer, the La Ferrera brothers produce and sell certified organic products with a 30-year history of research into taste and care for the environment.

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Brown sugar, hazelnut 35%, sunflower oil, cocoa butter








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