Rosemary salt

Riserva del mare

Rosemary flavoured salt crystals combine taste and authenticity to enrich your favourite dishes. Try Fior di Sale on meat or fish, to give your cooking a Mediterranean twist. 

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Rosemary salt – From Trapani, Slow food, artisanal

Flower of Salt, collected at the water’s surface by the salt workers, comes from the patience of men and the strength of nature. In the salt pans, when the summer has dried the surface of the water, very white crystals emerge. They are collected and packaged in their entirety, without undergoing washing or processing. The precious product is then flavored with fresh rosemary, to combine the genuineness and beneficial properties of whole salt, a touch of extra flavor for your kitchen.

Riserva del mare

From the long experience of Trapani’s salt workers, the Riserva del Mare offers everyone the precious white gold of Culcasi’s salt pans.  The family Culcasi, with a history of 4 generations, carries on the tradition of salt production, without additional processing, and with unaltered nutritional properties.

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Trapani whole sea salt, rosemary






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