Wild orange bitter


The wild orange bitter “Amaranca” is a refined liqueur obtained from the processing of wild Sicilian orange and a careful selection of medicinal herbs and roots collected on the slopes of Etna. It can be enjoyed neat or with ice, enriched with orange peel and/or fresh mint leaves, making it the ideal digestif or summer drink.

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Wild orange bitter, Amaranca – Noble bitter from Etna

Amaranca is a unique bitter, characterized by its unmistakable taste derived from a centuries-old family recipe, kept intact over time and jealously guarded as a family secret. The bitter has a dark color and a not excessively bitter flavor, which enhances the natural flavors of Sicilian wild oranges and aromatic herbs.

Amaranca bitter has received numerous international awards, including the Silver Medal at the “International Wine and Spirit Competition” in London and the award as Gold Outstanding Winner in the IWSC 2019 competition. These awards underline the excellence of Amaranca and confirm its prominent position in the world scene of bitters.


Romeo is a Sicilian company with forty years of experience in the wine and spirits sector. Born from a love for the land and its fruits, the company aims to enhance the quality of local products through the use of production techniques that combine tradition with modern technologies and knowledge.

Romeo’s headquarters is located in Santa Venerina, on the slopes of Etna, where liqueurs and distillates are produced from the best local fruits, including mandarins, oranges, and prickly pears. The production of Amaranca is the pride of the company, an exceptional product that has received unexpected consensus and represents the pinnacle of Romeo Vini’s production. The Amaranca brand is registered and therefore inimitable, a further testament to its exclusivity and uniqueness.

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Pure alcohol, sugar, wild orange, herbs, caramel.










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