Petralia salt


Petralia salt is a medium-fine whole food salt, extracted from the heart of Sicilian mines. Provided in a handy sprinkle jar with three different hole sizes, it allows for ideal salt distribution for a wide range of dishes, proving particularly suitable for white meat, fish, shellfish, and even in the preparation of sweets.

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Petralia salt – From mine, integral, medium fine

Guarded for 6 million years in the heart of Sicily, protected from all forms of pollution, Petralia Salt preserves intact the qualities of the original Mediterranean waters. Each salt deposit in Sicily provides a different salt, the peculiarity of which depends on the characteristics of the territory. The Petralia deposit, located in the heart of the Madonie Natural Park, behind Cefalù, offers a particularly white and pure whole salt, naturally dry and different from the typical whole marine salts. Petralia’s sweet whole salt is a low potassium and magnesium salt, ideal for white meat, fish, shellfish, and in the preparation of sweets, adding a touch of authenticity and naturalness to your dishes.


Italkali is a company specialized in the production of high-quality whole salts. Their products are not subjected to any chemical treatment or bleaching and do not contain added additives, maintaining the naturalness of the salt. The possible presence of dark crystals is a distinctive sign of the product’s authenticity. With Italkali’s Petralia Salt, you bring to your table a product that sees the light for the first time in your home after 6 million years, representing an authentic and quality choice for your moments in the kitchen.

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