Wild fennel powder

Sapori di Regalpetra

Wild fennel powder is an exclusive seasoning that captures the wild and aromatic essence of fennel, typical of the Mediterranean flora. This fine, sun-dried powder is perfect for flavoring a variety of dishes, from white meats to game, from risottos to marinades, offering a touch of freshness and unmistakable aroma to your dishes.

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Wild fennel powder – 100% wild fennel

Packed in a handy 40-gram jar, this powder is made from wild fennel harvested in Sicilian fields, naturally dried to preserve all its organoleptic properties. Its versatility makes it perfect for flavoring meat and fish dishes, enriching sauces, dressings, and bread and focaccia preparations, giving each dish a delicate and characteristic aroma.

Sapori di Regalpetra

Sapori di Regalpetra was born from a passion for the authentic products of the Sicilian land, promoting a philosophy of sustainable and organic production. Their dedication is reflected in the choice to cultivate and process aromatic herbs and plants following traditional methods that respect nature’s cycles, without the use of chemicals. This approach ensures the purity and integrity of the flavors of their products, including the Wild Fennel Powder, a true symbol of the biodiversity and aromatic richness of the Mediterranean. Flavours of Regalpetra embodies the essence of Sicily, carrying in its products the history and taste of a unique land.

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100% wild fennel





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