Two Sicilies panettone


Bonfissuto’s two Sicilies panettone is a reinterpretation of the traditional panettone recipe, enriched with fine ingredients typical of the regions of Sicily and Campania. Presented in an elegant 1 kg package, this panettone is ideal for the Christmas season or as a refined gift, offering a unique taste experience that combines tradition and innovation.

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Two Sicilies panettone – with Campania’s PGI melannurca and Ciaculli tangerine

This panettone is the result of a careful study of the traditional recipe, enriched with ingredients of excellence. The 3 refreshments of sourdough yeast give an unparalleled softness and lightness, while the ancient Sicilian Majorca wheat gives a superior quality to the dough. Distinctive aromas come from Sicilian almonds, the late Ciaculli mandarin and Campania’s PGI melannurca, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and freshness. This panettone is a masterpiece of confectionery craftsmanship and passion.


Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto are two young talents who embody the innovative spirit and passion for Sicilian confectionery. Despite their young age, the Bonfissuto brothers have already consolidated significant experience in the catering and restaurant world. Their ability to combine youthful enthusiasm with a rigorous technical approach has led them to develop recipes that respect the Sicilian pastry tradition while introducing modern touches. Their products, in particular the Panettone delle Due Sicilie, represent a perfect fusion of tradition, innovation and superior quality, recalling the illustrious heritage of Italian pastry making.

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Type 0 wheat flour, sugar, fructose, natural sourdough (wheat), salt, Sicilian ancient wheat flour (Mallorca), Campania IGP melannurca, Ciaculli mandarin candy, butter, liquid butter, egg yolk from A-category free-range chickens, Sicilian wildflower honey, orange paste, cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla pods.






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