Grated bluefin tuna bottarga

Testa Conserve

Gold dust from the sea. Testa grated Bluefin tuna Bottarga is perfect for adding a precious touch to your seafood dishes. Try it on crostini with fresh burrata, or use it to season your pasta and fish dishes.

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Grated bluefin tuna bottarga – Artisanal product

Grated bluefin tuna bottarga is made by pressing, cleaning, drying and salting the fish’s egg sacs. After a period of maturation, the dried sacs are ground into a powder for use in cooking. The quality of the bluefin tuna bottarga comes from its origin and its strong taste, perfect to add flavor to any type of dish: from starters to main courses.

Testa Conserve

The Testa company has been processing traditional Sicilian fish products for over two centuries. The family of fishermen from the small port of Ognina, combining wisdom and innovation, have become a leading player in the marketing of bluefish and red tuna.

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Mediterranean bluefin tuna bottarga, salt






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