Tuna bottarga Florio

Nino Castiglione

Tuna bottarga Florio is a Sicilian delicacy, known as the “caviar of the Mediterranean”. Rich in noble proteins, Omega 3 and other fatty acids, it is ideal for seasoning pasta dishes such as spaghetti or for creating delicious bruschetta with oil and tomato.

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Tuna bottarga Florio – In olive oil, Handmade in Sicily

Made with selective and environmentally friendly fishing methods, it is the result of a long and meticulous artisanal process. Florio Tuna Bottarga is obtained from the eggs of yellowfin tuna, subjected to a processing period of at least 45 days, carried out by local artisans. The egg sac is seasoned with brine and pressed, massaged and salted repeatedly for 20 days before moving on to a further stage of salting and pressing for another 20 days. Finally, the bottarga is washed with fresh water and left to dry in natural ventilation for 4-8 days, after which it is hand-cut into small fillets and dressed with olive oil. The result is a product with an intense and unmistakable flavour, encapsulating the entire tradition and passion of Sicilian cuisine.

Nino Castiglione

Nino Castiglione’s company, founded in the early 1900s, has its roots in tuna processing at the Florio Plant in Favignana. Inspired by the Florio family and their influence on Sicilian economy and culture, the company is committed to preserving local tuna fishing traditions and ensuring innovative and environmentally friendly production processes. The entire production process of Florio Tuna Bottarga takes place at Nino Castiglione’s plant, demonstrating a deep connection with the territory and the determination not to relocate production.

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Yellowfin tuna bottarga, olive oil, sea salt




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